Governance Topics

  1. Not For Profit Board Governance 101
  2. NFP Directors Handbook
    100 – Introduction
    101 – Concept of Operations
    102 – Framework
    103 – Practices & Guidelines
    201 – Oversight of Strategic Planning
  3. What cycling through Africa – 12, 000 kms – taught me about Management
  4. IT Knocks at the Boardroom door (Link only available to ICD Members. )

    Downloadable PDF available here…
  5. Is this NFP Board right for you?
     Downloadable PDF available here… 
  6. Alex Beraskow, as a past member of the CATA Leadership Council – one of 12 – and a veteran entrepreneur has produced policy papers, press releases and is part of a video campaign. He has also been part of extensive lobbying campaigns for change with both CATA and ITAC.

    A discussion on Government of Canada procurement.