Professional Resume

Executive Management Management Consulting
  • Established Reno411 Inc in 2013
  • Established IT/net in 1992.
  • IT/net – Ottawa and Toronto – grew to sales of $33 m
  • KMPG LLP acquired IT/net in Sep 2010
  • Executive responsibility for 5 different consulting firms in past 30 years
  • Sold 3 firms to multinational firms
  • 30 years experience – practitioner
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Business re-engineering
  • Facilitation
  • Independent project reviews
  • Procurement
  • Completed assignments for 25+ GoC departments and agencies



Directors Education Program, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Master of Business Administration: McGill University
Master of Business Administration: Ottawa University
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering: McGill University



Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) – Ontario
Certified Management Consultant – Ontario
Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT® (CGEIT®)
Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D)


English, French

Employment Summary…

MyReno411 President & CEO
IT/net President & CEO
Vision 2000 President & COO
DMR Group Ltd Managing Director
ISG Consultants Ltd President & CEO
Hickling Management Consultants Partner
IBM, Phillips (Aus), Royal Trust


Business Person of the Year (Ottawa)
Company of the Year (Ottawa)
Best Employer in Canada
50 Best Managed Companies in Canada


President / Chief Executive Officer
January 2013 – 2019

Alex Beraskow established Reno411, as a fully internet based company, to enable homeowners to find reliable contractors for home renovation and contractors to advertise their expertise to those homeowners – all on the web. The site has over 3 million contractors and stores listed and features rich web content. The client acquisition process draws on the tenants of inbound marketing, while harnessing social media along with search engine optimisation. The web service is a top 5 web site, with some world class features.


President / Chief Executive Officer
November 1992 – October 2010

Alex Beraskow established IT/NET as a consulting company in management and technology. Over that 18 year period IT/NET became a top tier consulting firm, with areas of specialization in services for clients within complex environments. IT/NET is an employee based firm developing solutions. It had a staff of about 200 consultants and operations in 2 cities. As President and CEO, Mr. Beraskow managed this $33+ million corporation. During that period, IT/NET became Canada’s most award winning consulting firm.

  • Best Workplaces in Canada (2006, 2007-2010)
  • Company of the Year (2004)
  • Canada’s 50 Best Managed (2005-2006)

IT/NET was acquired by KPMG LLP in late September 2010. Mr. Beraskow stayed on for a 6 month transition period, as Chief Operating Officer, to support the transition. IT/NET is a wholly owned subsidiary of KPMG.

Alex Beraskow completed about 130 management consulting assignments over the past 18 years. Typically, he spent about 50% of his time as a practitioner. Examples include:

  • Completed an Independent Project Review of a $200 m security project
  • Developed a management plan for an IT Industrial strategy for the Republic of South Africa
  • Wrote the business plan for the implementation of SAP at PWGSC – a $120m project, the Government of Canada’s largest SAP implementation.
  • Costed a tier 4 data centre move – a $25 m high security project.


President / Chief Operating Officer
February 1989 – March 1990

As President and Chief Operating Officer was responsible for developing a Business Plan for the Communications and Information Technology related industry a consortium of 33 firms in a $36 billion industry.
Mr. Beraskow managed the intricate process. Distinct task groups from member firms were set up to address issues related to: markets; technology; policy and standards; public affairs; legal and implementation issues.

Mr. Beraskow established seven regional advisory committees across Canada to support the strategic planning process and discuss outsourcing options. He managed the Steering Committee process involving senior executives of the prominent and major firms (such as IBM, Bell Canada, Telus, Rogers, etc.) A strategic vision for Advanced Personal Communications (APC) for the next decade was developed.

The roadmap was cast after an in-depth analysis of technology trends and especially for the entire ICT industry. The organisation collapsed after the Department of Communications (DOC) withdrew support. (Shortly thereafter, DOC merged with Industry Canada).

DMR Ottawa

Managing Director
October 1988 – September 1989

Mr. Beraskow had executive responsibility for the consulting practice that focused on National Defence Canada, Transport Canada, and National Research Council. Projects totalled about $200 million and included ISX, TCCS, etc. Team consisted of 6 directors, 12 project managers, and their staff. He implemented a new organizational structure within the Office.

Mr. Beraskow had total Profit and Loss (P&L) responsibility for an operation of over 80 staff and $6 million in sales. Within that short period, sales grew by 55%, staff by 54%, and profits by 28%. He personally recruited about 1 dozen staff, including 4 senior managers.

Mr. Beraskow developed a more aggressive marketing approach – more pro active, more emphasis on client relations, and more of a service orientation.


President / Chief Operating Officer
June 1983 – October 1988

Alex Beraskow established ISG to provide management consultant services to GoC. During the 5 year span, it became one of the top 10 consulting firms in the National Capital Region (NCR). ISG was acquired by DMR – the 2nd largest IT consulting firm in Canada at that time.

Board and Community Involvement

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