My Qualifications

Over the past 3 decades, I have sat on 10 boards in varying capacities; I was a member of the executive committee for 3 of those boards. Three of those boards – CATA, ITAC and Vision 2000 – were in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) domains. To upgrade my board governance skills I completed the ICD (Institute of Corporate Directors) program (Rotman School). It had entrance requirements, including financial literacy, as well as a written exam and a mock board session.

Financially literate, I have sat on the audit & finance committee of two boards, and I am guiding the financial restructure of another company as a board member. I know both GAAP and GAAS. After completing my MBA in Finance and Accounting I taught the course. While on the board of the Rideau Club (Ottawa) I was the Treasurer and on the Executive Committee as well. Since then I have worked extensively in finance and accounting systems, lastly implementing large ERP systems.

I have worked with 4 different investment managers managing multimillion dollar portfolios in the past 2 decades. For one board I wrote the investment management policy as well developing a better approach to finance ongoing operations.

I have been part of the ICT industry sector for the past 4 decades in various capacities.